Welcome!  This is the place to find the best and funniest short plays for high schools and/or colleges and universities! These one-acts and 10-minutes plays have been performed all over the United States (from Texas to California to New York) and all over the world (in places like Japan, Malaysia, Dubai, and South Africa).  Non-traditional casting is encouraged in these plays, and many of them lend themselves easily to this practice.

You can read all of these plays for free!  (Though a licensing agreement must be made, and a royalty is due if you choose to perform them.)

All types of theatrical genres are available – from comedy (La Mouche and Corybungus), drama (Hole), period pieces (The Proposal), suspense, supernatural (check out the Twilight Zone-like Jubilation, Mississippi).

To see the plays in action, check out the videos page. This page features students from schools around the country who have posted their productions on youtube!

If you have any questions, contact the playwright, Stephen Bittrich.